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5*10 Feet Cutting Auto Exchanged 2Kw CNC Fiber Laser Cutter
  • 5*10 Feet Cutting Auto Exchanged 2Kw CNC Fiber Laser Cutter
  • 5*10 Feet Cutting Auto Exchanged 2Kw CNC Fiber Laser Cutter

5*10 Feet Cutting Auto Exchanged 2Kw CNC Fiber Laser Cutter

Place of Origin China
Brand Name GWEIKE
Certification CCC
Model Number LF-3015GA
Product Details
CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Cutting Thickness:
0.5-18mm Carbon Steel
High Light: 

2Kw CNC fiber laser cutter


5*10 feet CNC fiber laser cutter

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
wooden case
Delivery Time
45 days
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
Supply Ability
1 set a month
Product Description

2Kw CNC fiber laser cutter auto exchanged cutting pallet 5*10 feet Cutting area ​


Name: CNC Fiber laser Cutting Machine


Model: LF-3015GA


Applications: Metal Plate Cutting


Advantages of fiber laser cutting machine


High quality laser beam

Smaller focus spot, good processing quality, efficient working process.

Faster Cutting Speed: Two times faster than same power CO2 laser cutting machine.

High Stability: Max 100000 hours key parts lifetime.

Energy saving and environment protection; much more electro-optical conversion efficiency up to 30% and 3 times higher than CO2 laser generator.

Much more Lower Power Consumption: 20-30% power consumption lower than CO2 laser power

Lower maintenance cost: No need laser power working gas, No need reflector.

Easy to use optical fiber laser transmission, easy to adjust optical path,

Small volume of laser power, compact structure of machine tool easy to flexible machining



Machine Feature


Structure: Casting Alumium

The complete structure has the feature of excellent shake proof capacity and rigidity, stability in high speed running and high accuracy cutting.

Cross beam:Welded structure Vibration aging, light weight and excellent rigidity and dynamic performance.

Air distributing System: Air distributing System adopts centralized control, enable to automatic switch gas type and gas flow. Machine tool has build-in air control system. If client use compressed air as the cutting gas, need buying air compressor, dryer and filter.

Cutting Head: With function of automatic tracking, manual focusing, high-pressure cutting, secondary cooling nozzle. It is stable and reliable performance, easy to use. High voltage and low voltage can be cut, with the height of the non-contact automatic tracking system.

Automatic cutting height tracking system

5*10 Feet Cutting Auto Exchanged 2Kw CNC Fiber Laser Cutter 0 High performance non-contact capacitance height sensor with the gas pressure≥2.5 MPa, has higher tracking accuracy and stability in the process of cutting stainless steel plate, and which can be directly cutting with plastic film.

Water Cooler

Enough cooling to all key components ensures the safety operation of the complete machine.

The water cooler is fully automatic controlled with laser source and running without any more operation, good safety protection, over temperature protection function, lack of phase, pressure and water, under voltage, overload protection function. Stable performance, easy to maintain, conform to the requirements of the laser and external cooling of the light path.


5 Technical Specifications

Description Technical Date Notes
Cutting Area(mm) 1500X3000  
X-axis (mm) 3000  
Y-axis(mm) 1500  
Z-axis(mm) 120  
Cutting Thickness(mm)

Mild Steel: 0.5-18

Stainless Steel: 0.5-12

Aluminum alloy: 0.5-10

Laser cutting accuracy(mm) 0.1-0.2  
Machine Tool repositioning accuracy(mm) ±0.02  
Machine Tool accuracy(mm) ±0.03  
Max Moving Speed(m/min) 80  
Accelerated speed (G) 0.8  
Laser Power (w) 3000W  
Total Power (Kw) 30  
Machine Dimension(LxWxH) 9245x2834x2180  
Weight(Kg) 11000  
Cutting Table Auto exchange pallet table  
protective cover Full protective cover  
Exchange completion time 50sec.  


6 Key Parts List

No Name Brand Place of Origin Qty(set)
1 Fiber Laser Source

IPG 3000W


2 Laser Cutting Head RAYTOOLS Switzerland 1
3 Machine Tool Body TAYOR China 1
4 Cross beam TAYOR China 1
5 Cutting Table TAYOR China 1
6 Gear Box APEX TAIWAN 1
7 X axis gear and rack YYC TAIWAN 1
8 Y axis gear and rack YYC TAIWAN 1
9 Z axis screw rod HIWIN TAIWAN 1
9 Linear guide rail HIWIN TAIWAN 1
10 Pneumatic System SMC JAPAN 1
11 Water Cooling Machine TONGFEI CHINA 1
12 Electric Components Schneider Germany 1
13 CNC Controller and Torch sensor Cypcut China 1
16 Electrical Cabinet TAYOR China 1
17 Fume exhausting fan TAYOR China 1
18 Scraps bucket TAYOR China 1
19 50KVA Voltage Stabilizer DELIXI China 1
20 Air Compressor ZIQI China 1
21 Air dryer ZIQI China 1


7 Working Conditions

No. Item Contents Requirements Note
1 Power Supply Three-phase 380V±5%/50Hz/60A  
2 Water Supply Cooling water Distilled water  
3 Gas O2(1MPa),N2(2.5MPa)  
Air Working Pressure 1.25MPa  
Flow rate 1.3m³/min
4 Working Condition Temperature -5~45°  
Humidity Less than 70%  
Foundation Field level and no strong Vibrations surrounded  
5 Plate Rustless  



CNC Controller

Supports AI, DXF, PLT, Gerber and other graphic data formats, and accept the international standard G code generated by Mater Cam, Type3 and other software.

l To conduct automatic optimization when opening / importing DXF and other external files, including: to remove repetitive lines, merger connected lines, remove tiny graphics as well as automatically distinguish inside and outside dies and conduct sorting. Automatic optimization process can be defined, and the above each function can also be carried out manually.


To support common editing and typesetting functions, including: zooming in and zooming

out, rotation, alignment, copying, combination, smoothness and connection and so on.

To use the easiest way to set the lead, slotted compensation, micro connection, bridge

connection, over cut, lead seal gap and so on.

To distinguish the overcast cut and yang cut, determine the direction of slotted

compensation in accordance with the overcast cut and yang cut, and check the led.

To support curve splitting and connection, curve smoothness, text-to-curve, component

integration and exploding.

With Flexible automatic sorting and manual sorting functions, to support the function to

fix the processing order through group.

With particular browsing capabilities of processing order, to check the processing order in

a more interactive way than that of imitation.

To support poly punching and incremental punching, pre-punching. To support the

settings of separate laser power, frequency, laser form, type of gas, air pressure and

following height for punching process and cutting process.

To support the speed capacity control and set separate lead velocity.

With Powerful material library functions, to keep all processing parameters so that it can be

provided again for the same material.

With processing breakpoint memory, to trace the breakpoint forwards and backwards; to

process some graphics.

To be able to be positioned to any point in the process of stop or temporary stop; to start

processing from any position.

The same set of software supports round pipe cutting and plane cutting, and the way of

programming is exactly the same; to support intersecting line cutting.

To support Covercut, auto seek edge, cutter starting and cutter lifting1.

With powerful expansion capacity, as much as 15 PLC process edit and more than 30

programmable process.

Programmable input and output outlet, programmable alarm input2

To support the remote control of the system through wireless teachbox and Ethernet3.


5*10 Feet Cutting Auto Exchanged 2Kw CNC Fiber Laser Cutter 1

5*10 Feet Cutting Auto Exchanged 2Kw CNC Fiber Laser Cutter 2


5*10 Feet Cutting Auto Exchanged 2Kw CNC Fiber Laser Cutter 3


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